Seniors Issues

Seniors Issues

B.C.’s Seniors Advocate News Release:

B.C.’s Seniors Advocate report states that “We can do better”: The Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, announced that she will use the powers granted to her under the Seniors Advocate Act to demand public reporting on the quality and accessibility of key services to B.C. seniors…

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New report reveals HandyDART Trip denials up 670% in the last 5 years

This shocking statistic was revealed at a press conference held at the 411 Seniors Centre on November 19, 2013.

According to the Metro Vancouver’s Aging Population and Need and the Need for Improved HandyDART Service Report, written by Eric Doherty, EcoPlanning  for the Amalgamated Transit Union Loc.1724, there were 37,690 HandyDART service denials in 2011 which is 7 times more that in 2008.

The report shows that Translink budgeted for 613,000 hours of HandyDART services in 2011, but due to the transit funding crisis this has been cut back to 598,000 hours – a reduction of 15,000 hours. This cutback in service is totally bewildering given that over the past 5 years the population of people over age 70 has increased by two and a half times that of the general population. This is even more bewildering in light of the fact that the number of people over age 70 in Metro Vancouver will increase by 40% in the next decade. We should be gearing up not gearing down to accommodate this increase in numbers.

In support of the ad-hoc HandyDART, the 411 has a petition at the reception desk which we are asking members and visitors to sign.  If you would like more information or a copy of the full report go to or contact Tim Louis, HandyDART Riders committee at 604.732.7678.