About Us

The 411 Seniors Centre is an inclusive, versatile and dynamic drop-in centre for older adults.  We provide tools, services, programs and activities that enable low income seniors to live independent lives and thrive in our community.  Through our organizational governance and volunteer constitution we provide opportunities for seniors to take a leadership role.

Diversity, Inclusivity, Access-Ability and Multiculturalism

The 411 Seniors Centre has a long standing commitment to diversity and inclusivity in service provision. Our focus includes: creating strong networks within the community, bridging connections between seniors from varied backgrounds, thwarting intolerance, promoting multiculturalism and empowering seniors.

Education & Learning

Through the delivery of our programs and activities we hope to further instill and promote independence and self esteem, while working towards the health and wellness of our community as a whole.   We strive to meet the programming needs of our membership and volunteer base by focusing on present concerns, immediate needs and future trends.



We strive to empower older adults to build and strengthen community capacity and to change and enhance their quality of life.  Empowerment involves working alongside our seniors as we assist them to develop and strengthen their social, emotional, mental and physical well-being along with their economic independence and stability.  We aim to assist in creating the foundation by which our members and seniors in the community can take a proactive role in guiding the community towards a healthier, stronger and more inclusive society.